On this page you can find all necessary information about the different possibilities of supporting us.

Choose between supports of a specific project, a regular or one-time donation.

Support through a OneLoveOneWorld sponsorship

Through your project sponsorship for the Assisted living Community or the Child Day Care Centre you can secure the funding of long-term projects and the future of the children that we support. Longevity and sustainability are the most important aspects of working with the disadvantaged, so as to bring about lasting change.

Project Sponsorship 

The adoption of a Project OneLoveOneWorld sponsorship is possible from as little as USD 15  in a month.

A Day Care Center child sponsorship costs 35 USD monthly and a Living Community child sponsorship cost 75 USD monthly. 

For more information please contact us: mail@onelove-oneworld.org

But also single donations are an important element of the project financing.

Single donations are always possible and go 100% in the projects. Besides this, they are tax deductible (see the donations and taxes).

Thus, we can ensure that funds go towards buying various new equipments, tools, materials and the planning and implementation of special activities.

We appreciate any donation!

Bank details

OneLoveOneWorld Germany

Recipient: OneLoveOneWorld

Account number:. 1254663

Bank code: 46050001

Bank: Sparkasse Siegen

IBAN: DE02460500010001254663



OneLoveOneWorld  Nepal

Recipient: OneLoveOneWorld

Name of the Bank: Himalayan Bank

IBAN:                       o184098000017



Donations and Taxes:

Sponsorship payments are considered as donations and are therefore tax deductible. At the beginning of the financial year you will receive a sponsorship certificate detailing all your contributions for the previous year. All members of the OneLoveOneWorld association are volunteers. There are no administrative costs. Expenses such as postage and shipping, telephone charges and travel expenses are all privately financed. This way 100% of all donations go to the children in Nepal.