“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” 

Margaret Mead, anthropologist


Our mission is to provide poor people in Nepal with the resources they need to improve their living conditions. OneLoveOneWorld supports children and their families who live in poverty and often inhumane conditions. We bring education closer, ensure and promote well-being, open up opportunities and are there to help change situations in the long term. Self-help is only possible if resources are recognized and promoted.

In the following we would like to emphasise basic principles of our work

Respect and trust

The relationship between the organization, employees and clients is based on trust and respect and does not tolerate any form of discrimination

Sustainability and transparency

Program development is based on the development goals, the needs of people in need are always in the foreground

Capacity building

We work closely with local partners and strengthen capacities

Our team consists of both Nepalese and European employees. In all areas there is close cooperation between the association members, the board in Germany, the Nepalese employees, and the board in Nepal. This ensures that project ideas and their implementation meet local needs.

We regularly inform about developments, actions and events in our programs on our website and on facebook. In addition, we present the use of the donations clearly and comprehensibly in our annual report and financial report. We pursue exclusively and directly non-profit purposes and are therefore fully selfless; own economic purposes are not pursued.

Long-term support
In our opinion, it is very important to accompany families and children in the long term. We focus on a family’s resources. This procedure can be explained using the school scholarship program. Our offer includes not only school attendance, but also advice and support for parents with regard to learning support, education and other individual topics. It is also very important to us to take the necessary time to visit the families in their environment and to provide advice on issues such as work, education and conflicts. Our support does not end when the child leaves school. We support school graduates in their training.

Educational quality assurance
Our Nepalese team ensures that our concepts are implemented and that the quality standards set by the Social Welfare Council Nepal are met. The organization in Nepal was established through the collaboration of Leonie York and Stephanie Theis, who both have a master’s degree in development studies and visit the organization annually after three years of work on site. Leonie and Stephanie support with planning, monitoring, evaluation of the programs, reporting and general quality assurance.

Helping people help themselves
The top priority of our work is to give the people we work with a chance to help themselves. Accordingly, we do not use the funds at our disposal for short-term support measures and material resources, but for a long-term improvement and stabilization of the quality of life of as many people as possible – just for helping people to help themselves. We only donate food and clothing in special emergency situations.