We are very happy to finally have started the literacy course for women. 25 women and one man take part in the 6-month literacy course to learn reading, writing and basic arithmetic. In Nepal, 45% of the population are illiterate, which often limits their political participation and position in society. Discrimination in particular affects women because they are already more difficult than men in patriarchal society. Many are denied entry into the formal sector because they lack the necessary writing skills. If they cannot count and bargain when shopping at the wholesale market, they have little chance even in the informal sector. We support this group of women in a pilot project to learn to read, write and calculate and encourage them to become more involved in civil society. Often it is the insecurity and lack of self-confidence that keeps women from taking an active position in society. We accompany them, provide them with resources, and thus open up new paths for them to lead a more self-determined life. If the project is successful (until August 2020), we will give trainers and other women groups access to this course.

Would you like to support the program?

We need financial resources for materials such as stationery, notebooks and pens, as well as for the rental of the venue and the remuneration of the teacher. Any contribution is welcome. The course costs per participant are around 10 dollars per month. Participants pay a small fee if they are able to do so. If you are interested in supporting this program, please donate stating the program “Literacy Course” or send us an email to find out more.