OneLoveOneWorld e.V. is a non-profit Nepalese-German association that works for people living in Nepal. We award school grants, school meals, microcredits, arrange apprenticeships, strengthen capacities, advise and support networking, and provide emergency support for people in need.

Our programs

School Sponsorships


We finance school fees, school uniforms, and school supplies for children to attend school.

School Meals


We guarantee children a balanced meal in the school canteen so that no child goes to school hungry.

Skill Training


We support people affected by poverty by funding education and training.



We grant interest-free loans to women with business ideas and support them on their way to independence.

Literacy course


We offer literacy courses to empower women, in particular, to actively participate in decision-making processes.

Social Support Program

Sitas Mutter

We help people in emergency situations quickly and directly by paying for treatment costs, legal advice, donating food or clothing, etc.