Due to the poor conditions in which many children grow up, they often do not have breakfast in the morning before they come to school. Young children in particular rely on a balanced diet to develop properly physically and mentally. The current situation in many schools calls for action.

Some children fall asleep during class, unable to concentrate or feel sick and too weak to participate in sporting activities due to malnutrition. Teachers who are observing this problem addressed OLOW and asked for support. We support schools in operating a school canteen and providing start-up funding for one year. This includes meals for 75 students 6 days a week and the financing of the staff who prepare the meals.

In the future, meals should be covered by the principle of solidarity. The parents pay a lump sum and those who cannot pay the amount receive the meal free of charge. The school can cover the costs from the income of solvent parents. This principle already works in other schools.

The goal of OLOW is to give as many children as possible the chance to get an education and a safe space for them.

On the one hand, we want to counter malnutrition and symptoms such as tiredness, lack of concentration and malaise by improving the care of the pupils, thereby improving the performance of the pupils and on the other hand increasing the attendance rate. OLOW and the schools observe an increasing number of registrations, because the students get a regular meal.

If you want to work for healthy children and improved educational opportunities, write us a message and we will tell you what is currently needed in our programs. mail@onelove-oneworld.org