The social support program supports people who are in need because of a crisis. We offer medical, material, financial and psychosocial emergency aid to help people in crisis situations and to counteract the lack of state security systems and services. We directly help people in need to protect them from poverty and enable them to live in dignity.

Problems can be reported to our social workers who will prepare a support plan with the person seeking help.

The support plan includes direct support for the person through advice, financing the costs for medical treatment, rent, donations in kind (e.g. winter clothing, blankets, food), legal aid, networking, support in dealing with the authorities and continuous case management by a social worker.

Examples of project activities


Riya’s mother, the mother of a child sponsored by our school, contracted throat cancer. After being diagnosed and talking to a doctor who showed her various cost-based treatment options, she felt helpless and lost. She couldn’t afford the € 650 she needed for an operation that was essential for survival. After she discussed her situation with an OLOW employee, an agreement was made to cover the treatment costs.

Well-being and care

The Sahani family, a mother and their three children, have been supported by OneLoveOneWorld for many years. One child visits our daycare center, two children have been given a school sponsorship and Ms. Sahani received 25 euros a month for almost two years to take care of the family because their income was insufficient. Now her youngest son is old enough to go to school and Ms. Sahani can work again. Your children will be supported by sponsors until the end of school or, if necessary, after completing their education.

Emergency support

In winter, it gets so cold in the higher mountain regions that some people are at risk of death from frost or cold-related diseases. In winter OLOW regularly organizes clothing transports to remote areas. In January 2020 we were in the “Sat Kanya Basic School” in Ruby Valley, Dhading and equipped 79 children of one school with warm clothes.

Obtaining citizenships

OLOW has already given citizenship to over 40 people. Our team of social workers supports people who are affected by poverty and who do not have citizenship to achieve it. The process is lengthy and requires financial reserves, for travel to the home region, for absenteeism and the bureaucratic process itself, which people who are particularly poor do not have.

Obtaining the birthday certificate enables Nepalese citizens to apply for citizenship. Children often do not have a birth certificate, let alone a nationality, because the father’s signature is required. However, many women have been single parents for years, their husbands have gone abroad to work and have broken off contact, some have separated. Without nationality, you have no right to own land, you cannot vote, you cannot get a license, etc. OLOW supports people to get legal status and gives them a voice that cannot be heard.