OneLoveOneWorld is a non-profit organization registered in Siegen since 2009, which works for people in Nepal. At the same time, we have been registered in Nepal as OneLoveOneWorld in the Social Welfare Council since 2010.

The organization

OneLoveOneWorld’s program activities are carried out by a competent team in Nepal. Ritu Shrestha, the manager of the organization in Nepal, coordinates the program activities and the team. Shree and Anil work as program coordinators of the school scholarship and school meal program. In addition to her job as manager, Ritu coordinates the microcredit, literacy and skill training programs. Leonie and Stephanie support the organization on a voluntary basis in the areas of reporting, accounting, as well as program planning and implementation. Together we have been successfully working on programs for people in need for 10 years.

We attach great importance to regular exchange and learning opportunities, which contribute to the continuous development of professional competence and a good working atmosphere.

Through the official registration with the Social Welfare Council in Nepal, we are subject to an annual inspection by the state, which contributes to quality assurance and ensures that we work on the basis of the national legal situation.