Support children- Give them a chance!

Support us- Give children a chance!


The target group of OneLoveOneWorld`s Day Care Center are families with small children located in slum areas in and around Kathmandu, who live in extrem poverty and do not have access to education in any form.

These families are suffering under various difficulties and problem such as caste-based discrimination, weak economic status, health problems, the loss or the absence of a family member, among other factors.

The Day Care Centre can accommodate 15-20 children aged from 2 to 5 years 6 days a week.

This project is in particularly created in response to the existing problems and limitations faced by disadvantaged women, young families and children due to lack of social security and to a lacking social welfare system in Nepal.

The Child Day Care Center supports early childhood development and education as well as it interacts preventive against abandonment, child labour and other development inhibiting factors.

The objectives include the fulfilment of the basic physical needs and the medical care as well as promotion of the cognitive, social and emotional development of the children.

OneLoveOneWorld KiTa Gruppe

OneLoveOneWorld Day Care Center group

OneLoveOneWorld strives towards equality among the castes. Through the day care centre, children from different backgrounds are individually promoted and supported and can, at the same time, grow up with different children in a non-discriminating environment.

A further objective is the improvement of the income situation for the disadvantaged families, in that the day care centre enables the mothers or other family members to pursue regular employment.


It is obligatory for the families to pay 1,5 US Dollar monthly. Despite the modest figure, it helps to involve the families in the DCC affairs and creates long-term responsibilities.

A sponsorship of 35 US Dollar/month enables us to provide:

KiTa von OneLoveOneWorld

Child Day Care of OneLoveOneWorld

  • care for the children on a daily basis
  • two meals every day
  • aids for drawing, crafting, teaching and learning
  • medical care
  • clothings in winter

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Name of the Bank: Himalayan Bank

IBAN:                       o184098000017

SWIFT:                    HIMANPKA

to:                             OneLoveOneWorld

OneLoveOneWorld is registered at the Social Welfare Council in Kathmandu and is registered in Germany in Siegen.


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