Living Community

The living community of OneLoveOneWorld Association provides long-term shelter for children who are living and suffering under a harmful environment as well as conditions which are negatively affecting their development and life’s.

The OneLoveOneWorld team established a reliable and safe environment, in which the children can develop naturally and receive holistic support and encouragement.

Currently there are eleven children growing up in this safe, family-like environment. Keeping the number of children low allows for individual development while maintaining a good social climate in the home. Further, the living community environment is family-like and based on the principle of individual care in small groups (not more than 5 children are living together).  In order to focus on gender specific needs OneLoveOneWorld established one living community for girls and one for boys.

Trained Nepalese staff live in the home, guiding the children in life’s practical tasks and providing the support and counseling they need to process their individual traumas.

We also provide two places of emergency shelter for children facing acute danger.

The children stay in the centre till they are willing and able to be reintegrat into their families or until they become sustainable and can live an independent life.

OneLoveOneWorld provids

–  a safe and stable, family-like environment

–  holistic care with the focus on the emotional, social and physical development of the children

– access to education and support to take the first steps into the job market

– health care and prevention

– nutritious food

We are trying enabling the children of the living community to:

-Develop soft-and life skills

– to develop problem solving skills

– gain independency

For further information on donations and ways of supporting the project go to [Donations]<- link or contact us under

With USD 70 monthly  you can support one child individually, including medical care, food, lodging, materials, sport or music classes and care taker. Plus 5 Euros are going on a savings account for each child every month.


Name of the Bank: Himalayan Bank

IBAN:                       o184098000017

SWIFT:                    HIMANPKA

to:                             OneLoveOneWorld

OneLoveOneWorld is registered at the Social Welfare Council in Kathmandu.

If you would like to support us please contact us via Email: