Our work is based on the following principles.

Collaboration: Our team consists of both, Nepalese and European employees. In all areas there is close cooperation between our associates and the local staff. Thereby, we guarantee that our ideas and their implementation as well as the analysis and the solutions of the problems are primarily realised by locals with specific knowledge, skills and experience of Nepal.

Transparency: Recent developments, actions and events will be posted on our homepage as well as handed out by newsletter. Furthermore, the use of donations will be presented to the donators in a transparent and comprehensible manner. OneLoveOneWorld pursues only charitable purposes and is completely selfless. We do not pursue any economic interests. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding donations and other issues.

Long-term support: The most important aspects of our work is the long-term support of children and their families. We would like to visualize the meaning of this approach with the support of an example of the Child Day Care Center. Our program does not only include the enrollment of the children in the Child Day Care Centre, but also the councelling and support of their parents. It is very important for us to keep close contact with the families and to have time to visit them in their homes. Our support will not end when the child leaves the Child Day Care Centre; but instead we will support the placement of the child in a school and take over the School fees.

Educational quality assurance: The local employees are trained in social work or a related field which enables and qualifies the implementation of our educational approach and guarantees work on high standards.