The Skill Training Program provides the opportunity for women and youngsters to complete an apprenticeship. The target group of the training and further education program are women and young people without training who are not able to finance trainings or further education.

OneLoveOneWorld works together with trainings centres offering trainings in the following areas:

Chef, electrician, gas-water installer, beautician, designer, Motessori kindergarten teacher and others.

Participants gain theoretical basic knowledge and practical skills from the respective training areas during a training of 6-9 month.

The OLOW team supports the trainees in drawing up a future plan, support the writing of applications and prepare them for interviews.

The cost per participant is around 150 and 250 euros (depending on the training course). This includes materials, travel costs to the apprenticeship and the support of the trainees.

Interested in funding training?

If you would like to support us in providing more women and young people from poor backgrounds with training, please send your donation to our donation account with the purpose: “Training” or send us an email to We would be happy to tell you which woman, which teenager is currently in need of support.