Lernen und Spielen

Education gives hope

OneLoveOneWorld tries to make a difference in the area of school sponsorship projects. Instead of funding a number of students from a particular school, we negotiate terms for every student individually and are not dependent on any school.

Our staffs are looking for children and families not able to access school education from groups of the society and districts. This approach concentrates on the detection of families that are troubled with multi-dimensional problems, such as extreme poverty, dire living conditions, loss of a family member, illness and child labour.

The entire family benefits from the sponsorship. It gives access to education and provides free medical care for the student. Moreover, it enables the child’s mother to pursue a job and thus to contribute to the family’s income.

Our workers visit the participants and families as often as required to document and ensure progress as well as to support the family by councelling.

With a monthly sponsorship of 25 US Dollar you finance:

  • school fees
  • school uniform (mandatory)
  • exam fees
  • daily, one cooked meal at school
  • clothing

For further information, visit [Donation] or contact us via mail@onelove-oneworld.org.